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The most awe-inspiring kitchen tool in existence is the spurtle. Originally a dowel-shaped tool originally from Scotland, a spurtle was just right tool for whisking porridge. More recently, this all-in-one became a hybrid tool just right for just about everything.

Made in the USA 

Caring for your Woodenware is Easy:

1. NEVER put your woodenware in the dishwasher
2. Hand wash with hot soapy water. Do not let sit in water!
3. Remove excess water with a clean dry towel
4. Allow to completely air dry on all sides evenly (putting in a dish drainer works well)
5. Do NOT put your woodenware away wet.

To maintain your woodenware:
Apply a liberal coat of mineral oil if/when dry spots arise. This could be a week or several months depending on how much it is used and washed with soap. Do not use vegetable oils as they can go rancid over time.

To Disinfect: Wipe with vinegar or lemon juice. Let stand one minute, rinse. Apply oil after disinfection.