Who is behind sugar & succulents? 

taylor scarboro, photo, brick wall, ivy
My name is Taylor Scarboro and I am a female entrepreneur currently living in Mechanicsburg, PA which is very close to the capital city of Harrisburg. I am currently a one woman production, with support from my family, friends, and my amazing husband. 

sugar & succulents was created a way to find myself. I think young women often get lost following the crowd, social norms, and mainstream ideas. I wanted to get away from what was expected and focus on what I was truly passionate about.

After quitting what I thought was my "dream job" I was left wondering what to do next. My husband's job meant we would be moving around for a few years; which initially left me feeling useless. I asked myself big questions: "What can I do?" "Who can I be?" 

After a few months of applying for jobs that my heart wasn't invested in, I was decided to use this time to develop a brand around everything I love. I wanted to build a brand around my favorite things: 

I enjoy incorporating vintage pieces into decor.
I thrive off of the cleanliness of natural products and the timelessness of white linens.

I adore bringing nature indoors, and eating wholesome meals with family.
I live for summer nights and fireflies, crisp autumn leaves and campfires with good friends.
I truly think these simple pleasures should be indulged. 

There are so many decor blogs, websites, and stores for inspiration. I love following these amazing resources and popular designer websites, and adapting these items to fit my lifestyle. 

I created this website to inspire you to create the home you want.

I hope sugar & succulents allows you to embrace your own style, home, and truest self. 

I want to thank you for shopping with my little store! When you buy from a family owned business, you are not helping a CEO buy a third vacation home. You are supporting my livelihood, and for that I could not be more grateful. My customers are my shareholders and they are the ones I strive to make happy.



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