The new look of sugar & succulents: scandinavian farmhouse inspired

Now that I've introduced the concepts that inspired the brand refresh, I thought I'd show off some of my decor inspirations. 

Scandinavian scandi farmhouse home farm living decor neutral minimal

After narrowing down the "feel" of the brand I went digging around Pinterest and google to see what stuck out to me. Over and over I was drawn to the same bright whites and neutrals; but less clutter and more structured spaces. 

living room ikea Scandinavian home decor blog neutral minimal farm farmhouse

I love incorporating natural elements, such as woven baskets or wooden planters against the clean crisp whites and modern cement pieces.

county road living angie blog home decor farm farmhouse nordic

After searching around I've found a few blogs that keep me coming back for more inspiration:

chair minimal minimalist farm farmhouse cozy hygge Scandinavian Scandi home decor

I know it's not entirely necessary to define a style, but if I were to put a label on it, I'd say the new feel of sugar & succulents embodies the chic minimalism of Scandinavian design, while keeping the fresh and lived in feel of a modern farmhouse. 


How do you feel about this look? Are you loving the timeless minimal feel or do you prefer the eclectic chippy farmhouse style?

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