Tay's Favorite Things Fridays: Urbana Sacs

This is my final week for TFTF! (For now) I've had so much fun introducing y'all to some new brands, girl bosses, and of course, a few of my very favorite things. I hope you've enjoyed these posts (and the giveaways/discounts), as much as I've loved showcasing them! 

I'd love to continue to blog TFTF posts, so if you have a shop or want to tell me about an item you think I should review; please shoot me an email! 

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I want to say I've saved the best for last; but that would be untrue- I truly love all of the shops I've featured over this six week series. However, this last one is definitely the most useful and practical item, which means its must-have on your list!

Who doesn't love reusable shopping bags? Like everyone else I know, I hate wasting plastic and always keep a car full of reusable bags for whenever a need for storage pops up. They're just so great to have on hand. However, the ones from the grocery stores are always poorly made and are covered in advertisements. Luckily for you (and me) Urbana Sacs has fixed this issue with their gorgeous PAPER creations.

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Yes, you read that correctly- these bags have been made out of paper! Urbana Sacs completely stole my heart with these bags and their clean minimalistic look and functional style. Not only are they reusable, the bags are made of recycled materials as well: a win-win! Even though they're paper, they can go through the wash and come out looking good as new. The sacs are available in a few different colors and sizes to suit your needs. Shop the whole collection here.

I took my large tote to the farmer's market to stock up on produce; I loved the feel of this bag. It's light weight and fashionable! I didn't feel like a giant advertisement for a grocery store; which was really nice, and the cross body strap was nice for wearing- I'd definitely use this tote as a yoga bag or when I'm going somewhere with a lot of things.

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After I dropped off the fruits and veggies, I wanted to pick up some flowers. I love keeping my house full of fresh blooms, but I usually awkwardly carry them to the car and don't put them in a bag. The reusable grocery bags I have are too flimsy and they always end up smashing the flowers. My Urbana Sacs tote had a nice sturdy feel to it; so I thought I'd try it out. It worked perfectly and my bouquets rested nicely against the stiff side of the bag. Of course, this meant I had extra room for more flowers, so I'm not sure this was a good thing. (I'm kidding, who wouldn't want more of these beauties?) 

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By now I'm sure you've noticed how much I LOVE organization. If you follow Urbana Sacs on instagram, or head over to the website, you can see so many versatile examples of how to use these bags! In addition to actually carrying things, the bags themselves are so visually appealing and integrate well into decor vignettes, or used for food/display storage in the kitchen! I'm in love, and I can't wait to add to my collection!

I love my large tote because of the versatility- from the gym, to the market, and later as a big purse; but all of the bags are gorgeous and can be used a number of ways. I love how they're handmade and no two are exactly the same. The photo pictured below is one of the wine/water sacs- take it to a dinner party instead of the plastic/paper bag combo from the wine store for an elevated presentation, or use the cross body strap to hold your water bottle while running errands!

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One lucky follower will get one of these beauties for FREE! I've teamed up with Urbana Sacs #girlboss, the talented, Carolina Tombolesi, to offer y'all a chance to win!!

 Follow @urbanasacs and @sugarandsucculents on instagram for a water/wine sac giveaway this week!

Which of the bags is your favorite or you think you'd use the most? Are you going to enter the giveaway? Let me know your thoughts! 


I did not receive financial compensation for this review, although I did receive a UrbanaSacs bag at no cost. All opinions are my own.

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    Lovely post! So cool to feature such a sustainable, design-forward company. Entering on IG!

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