Tays Favorite Things Fridays: Solid Perfume

Welcome back to this week's post for Tay's favorite things Fridays!

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Have y'all heard of solid perfume? In the back of my mind, I knew it existed, but I never thought to try it since the liquid perfumes dominate the big stores and most of the market. Recently I found Singularity Handmade and was intrigued by their all-natural approach, made in small batches.

The etsy store has 6 different scents available, and I chose elevated because I'm not a huge fan of floral perfumes. It's described with "top notes of lemon and lime, with rosemary as a middle note, and a light beeswax base note". 

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I had two main reservations: 

I wasn't sure about the sillage. Unlike liquid sprays, solid perfumes don't linger in the air very long. I know it's weird, but I really like to be surrounded and followed by the smell of my perfume. For others, this could be beneficial: if you have friends or family that are sensitive to strong perfumes, if you have asthma or allergies, or work in an office group setting or small space.
Secondly, I was slightly disappointed to learn natural perfumes don't last as long as the sprayable versions. I probably should have assumed that a natural scent without chemical additives would be less potent; as that was my experience with my goat milk soaps and laundry detergents. Regardless, I much prefer using scents made with natural essential oils over compounds I can't pronounce. 

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However, one of the main "selling points" of a solid perfume is portability: you can throw it in your purse without the bulk or leakage of a larger liquid bottle, AND you can take it with you on the plane- making more room for important liquids in your carry on. Portability allows for reapplication when necessary throughout the day. This convenience seemed like a good reason to try it out, and negated one of my concerns.

Solid perfumes are also great for applying scent without worrying about damaging jewelry (like pearls) or clothing. 

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When my perfume first arrived, I was slightly unsure of the scent when I smelled it straight out of the tin. It seemed very sweet and uncharacteristic for me. I applied it and waited a bit, and found the smell changed dramatically once applied to my wrist. I did some quick research and found that the wax base of a solid perfume sometimes requires more time for the deeper notes to come out compared a spray perfume. 

I smelled my wrist a few times over the next 2 hours and the smell remained the same as it did 5 minutes after the initial application; and I loved it! However, as mentioned on the Esty site, it did fade quickly after that. No problem for me- I just reapplied. 

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I found a few recipes for making your own solid perfume if you'd like to try it out, my.life.at.playtime. has a nice tutorial. Personally, after purchasing all of the ingredients I wouldn't find the time to experiment with different scents, so I'd rather just buy it premade. And if that appeals to you too, you're in luck!

As part of Tay's Favorite things Fridays, you can try out solid perfumes for yourself-

15% off at Singularity Handmade with coupon code SUGAR15


Have you tried solid perfumes before? 

Let me know what you think!



I did not receive financial compensation for this review, although I did receive my elevated perfume at no cost. All opinions are my own.

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