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Welcome back to another week in the Tay's Favorite Things Fridays series! As always, I am so excited to share with you another shop that has completely stolen my heart. Seriously: head over heels for this Cactus Collection.

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It's not a secret that I've always loved cacti. I think its because in college, when I would be busy with school and socializing with friends, I would always forget to water them- and they would thrive! The perfect plant. To prove my point, recently I bought a few house plants that need frequent watering and I set a reminder to water them. I started watering my cacti more often too, and they were drowning- I managed to save my aloe plant, but the smaller one died; and I was really bummed about it!

I also have an obsession with succulents, if you didn't know that already. I just love the way the propagate and shoot off little baby plants! Can you describe a plant as adorable? I'm going to. 

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As you might have read from my bio, I named this brand after two of my favorite things: plants I can't kill, and desserts. And while theres never a shortage of sweets available, I never knew many people to have such a fondness for cacti. Until recently. Apparently there has been a little bit of a succulent/cacti craze lately, and I'm seeing the designs everywhere. I am definitely not complaining!! I bought some cactus socks, and even pinned a cactus themed nursery on Pinterest for whenever that happens. 

I was on Instagram scrolling one day, and I saw the most beautiful images. Someone actually captured these amazing plants the way I've always viewed them:


That person is Jayme Kuenkel of love designs co. Honestly; you can just stop reading my blog now and go over to her shop. I completely understand and you won't be disappointed!!

I saw her cactus collection designs and knew I needed them in my life. This one shirt in particular really stole my heart:

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Those gorgeous little cactuses and such simple but powerful wording: Beautiful and Strong. That's exactly what they are, and what we should all strive to be.

Jayme wrote an awesome blog post about applying these cacti qualities to Faith. She did such a beautiful job explaining her motivation behind creating the collection. I love how she applies the collection to Godliness, but I think its such a powerful message for all aspects of women's lives. 

As I'm sure you've seen, there's a huge movement recently towards supporting women of all sizes and ending body shaming. It is an incredible idea and one we should all embrace. Being beautiful can come from within; and it's important to be fit and healthy- to the best of our ability. It's not about being thin; it's about being strong!

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I also think this metaphor can be applied to our careers and personal lives. Cacti can survive in the toughest conditions and with just a little water, or encouragement, can produce the most amazing blooms. Similarly, women are tough: We work hard, we strive to achieve our goals even when society says we shouldn't. We preservere and push on. We are all strong and beautiful. 

In marriages and friendships, there are always dry spells- times when you struggle to connect in those relationships and suffer from a communication drought. If we push through these difficult times, we build hardy relationships. We rekindle them, and they evolve to be so much more meaningful and important. We build beautiful and strong life partners. 

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Anyway, forgive my "strong and beautiful" tangent, but I love cacti and I love these designs. These words are so powerful. I don't know anyone who couldn't relate to them in some way; who wouldn't want to wear or carry them daily?! In true TFTF spirit, here's where you get your chance! Go on over to love designs co and pickout your favorites. Jayme was so kind to share a discount with sugar & succulent followers:  

Enjoy 15% off at love designs co. with code CACTUSLOVE !!


I did not receive financial compensation for this review, although I did receive my"beautiful and strong" tee at no cost. All opinions are my own.

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