What Minimalism means to me- Simplifying belongings: declutter, organize, and refresh.

minimal minimalist minimalism home decor white neutral modern

Simplifying belongings: declutter, organize, and refresh. Today I'm giving a brief description of what minimalism means to me, and how I've incorporated this into my life and shop. 


What is minimalism?

To me, minimalism is a lifestyle that focuses on limiting material possessions in pursuit of a more valuable existence.

That's a pretty deep statement, but essentially having less "stuff" allows you to more clearly see what values, hobbies, actives, and even people are important. By reducing unnecessary possessions, we can make room for what matters in our hearts and homes. 

minimal minimalist minimalism home decor white neutral modern

How has this concept changed my life?

I think the idea of being a minimalist is different for everyone, and there shouldn't be a standard of how many items you "can" have or "should" keep. 

Once I started nesting, I wanted to clean anything and everything as thoroughly as possible. In this cleansing-frenzy, I started to discard. Anything that didn't have a purpose or reason was thrown away or donated. The more I got rid of, the more simplified my storage solutions became and the end result was a less cluttered home. Having less things made cleaning tasks easier too. 

 minimal minimalist minimalism home decor white neutral modern

I've always loved this quote, but I don't think I truly embraced it until recently. There's always been those items I've kept "just in case" that never are used. Or the ones I thought I wanted or needed but still have the tags on them years later. I realized I wasn't keeping these items because of their usefulness to me, but rather out of guilt for getting rid of something in good condition. I try to donate as much as I can to friends, family, neighbors, or the local charity shops; which makes me feel better about removing these things from my home.

Although I'm definitely embracing the "less is more" concept, I'm not on board with trying to eliminate all possessions from my life. I think there's a balance and if something can bring me happiness or makes life easier, even if its not essential, I think that's worth keeping. (Look out for my next blog post about the KonMari method!) 

For the most part, I think I've used this idea to limit my purchases. When I'm buying something new, I find myself asking "is it useful? is it necessary? is it special?" as opposed to impulse buying. I also find myself choosing to spend more on activities and experiences over items that will accumulate in my home. 

minimal minimalist minimalism home decor white neutral modern

How has it changed sugar & succulents?

I was a little afraid to introduce this concept to a retail store. The whole point of minimalism is to reduce material goods and declutter a space: so why would anyone want to buy more things?

I've curated items that I feel help to achieve order and cleanliness- utilizing natural elements like wood, or the clean lines found in the cement pieces in the collection. I think replacing items in your home with these timeless simple pieces will bring a calming clarity to a space; allowing you to effectively organize and enjoy your home. 

These carefully selected pieces aren't specific to a style, and therefore will allow you to merge all of your favorite things without having to define or restyle your decor.

minimal minimalist minimalism home decor white neutral modern

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