DIY: Farmhouse Table

Happy Friday Friends!!

As you might remember, I found this whole dining room set at an awesome place called Construction Junction in Pittsburgh PA. It's older and worn, but for our purposes- amazing.

honey oak, table, redo, DIY

We finished the chairs a while ago, but the table just seemed like such a huge project that we put it off...for a long while. 

Looking back on it, I'm not sure why we did that- it was a quick build!

First, we took the legs off the old table and sanded them down to remove the stain. This was time consuming and tedious and I probably wouldn't have survived without my little power sander. I love that thing. The table feet had buffer pads on them, and they were pretty hard to remove, so I just left them there.

table legs, sanded, refinish

Next we went to Lowe's and picked through all the wood to find my favorite pieces. Originally we wanted to use reclaimed wood, but it was SO expensive. It made me really sad to give up that dream, but in addition to the original cost, we would have had to have it planed and it was more work and money than we wanted to invest.

table, built, new, DIY

(Please excuse the garage and motorcycle) We wanted a long table, so we thought it should be narrow; a long skinny table seemed proportional, I put some plates on the "table top" (we placed the wood side by side to show the width) and I didn't like how narrow it was. There was no room for food in the center of the table; or more importantly, centerpieces and decor!! We added an extra board to make it wider and overall ended up with an enormous table.

Before we started construction, I wanted to stain all of the wood (top, sideboards, and legs) to look older and weathered. To achieve this color, I used steel wool and white vinegar. I placed a few pieces of fine steel wool in a glass jar and filled the jar with vinegar. We let this mixture sit for 4 days. I was initially skeptical because I didn't see any changes or anything happening to the color of the vinegar, it remained mostly clear with a slight tinge of brown. However, when I mixed it up the liquid was a rich, deep color.

DIY stain, steel wood, vinegar, homemade stain

Score! I was disappointed again when we brushed it onto the wood. The (center) board looked slightly damp but no obvious color differences-

vinegar stain, applied stain, DIY table

until it dried. Within a few minutes we ended up with a lovely weathered look with a red tone; I loved how it turned out!

stain sit, stain soak, DIY, aged, vinegar

Note to self: this stain also dyes your skin, which looks very similar to a terrible spray tan. You might want to wear some gloves or just rock that look...The orange nail beds were the worst part. Gross.

skin, stain, orange, spray tan,

We allowed the stain to fully dry overnight, and woke up to these gorgeous boards, which look darker in this photo than they really were...

stained boards, vinegar stain

The frame was built using the same basic supports as the old table had; attaching the legs at the corners.

corner, support, angle, right angle, attach

right angle, table, build, built, DIY

After the frame was built, we attached the table top using supporting 2x4s and wood screws. First we lined up the pieces to make sure the weight was evenly distributed:

diy, table, project, make

Then we drilled pilot holes in the wood so that we could hide the screws.

pilot holes, drill, screws, DIY

We used these holes to attach the underside of the table top to the frame, and used support brackets to attach these center support beams to the frame of the table.

support, table, DIY

Afterwards we flipped it over; which was hard to do because it weighs a million pounds, give or take. The table looked like this:

finished project, table, DIY, farmhouse, fixer upper

Which I thought was pretty good! But I wanted more of a farmhouse look; and decided to paint it white. My next post will be about the process of painting the table- stay tuned! 

What do you think? Plan on making one for yourself?




  • Irma T. Gause

    Don’t paint it, but if you do paint it white and sand the edges here and there to make it look really used. That’s how our table looked when I was a child. We always had 8 to 10 people at our table.

  • PAtricia

    Hi there love the table! I have a table that I remove the legs off from intended on doing similar style I was wanting to have three chairs on one side and one chair on each end with a bench on the other side wondering if that would be sufficient elbow room with the table you have made if so would you please be so kind to tell me the dimensions of the table if you have made here

  • JOhn

    Run the boards across a table saw to shave them OFF square. Glue and clamp together. ( no gap). Use biscuits and or stretchers on bottom side. No crumb catchers.

  • TIffany

    We just priced this project… each individual leg was $34.00… that would have made project to expensive.. scored a table at goodwill $20.00…!!! Dream table again in sight!!!! Thank you for your post!!!

  • Maria

    how long and what kind of wood are the boards????

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