Quick Buffet Makeover

My mom gave me her old buffet table because she found a beautiful china cabinet and no longer had the space for it. I took all of the hardware and the doors off before I remembered to take a photo, oops. Here it is in it's nearly "before" state:

buffet, diy, table, green, paint

Obviously, it needed to be "chippy white" but it wasnt that simple. Is it ever? I tried to paint a leg with milk paint mixed with the bonding agent...

leg paint, milk paint, mistake, error, nope, no 


This could be because the paint was too thin, and therefore runny, but I didn't like the look of it or the coverage I was getting. 

My next idea was to sand down the green paint...

particle board, sand, sand paper, sander,

until I realized the whole thing was made of particle board, not wood. Uh-oh: bummer. 

I smoothed out the part I sanded to blend in with the rest of the piece after it was finished.

doors, drawers, sanded, fixed,

Back to the drawing board.

I purchased spray paint from Lowe's and spray painted the whole piece an off-white.

white spray paint, third time, project, DIY

It took multiple coats to cover all of the green, but it covered well and I couldn't even see my mistake on the door, so that was a plus.

door, paint, white, spray paint, finish

I really didn't like the "shiny" look of it, so after letting it dry for 24 hours I moved the table to our garage and repainted the whole thing with a thin coat of milk paint- (without the bonding agent) to give the buffet some texture, cracks, and character.

milk paint, finish, cracking, chippy paint

I found the knobs at hobby lobby for $1 each, so I replaced the old ones with these vintage-inspired ones.

finished, buffet, white chippy, paint, milk paint, sugar & succulents

I love how this turned out! Less than a weekend from start to finish. If I hadn't found two ways that didn't work first, I probably could have finished it off in one day.

sugar and succulents, finished project, milk paint, DIY

What do you think? Third time was a charm for me! If you have a similar piece to refinish, I hope you can learn from these mistakes to cut down on project time or get an even better end result!

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