12 Days of Christmas Series: The Blonde Moose, wooden utensils

As you might know as a reader of this blog, I really enjoy cooking. I'd say it's quickly becoming one of my favorite hobbies.

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I've been slowly acquiring more and more pieces that I love for cooking purposes, and getting rid of pieces I never use; like plastic ladles and cookware: they melt, are difficult to clean, and aren't very attractive.

Recently I wrote blog post about how to care for wood cutting boards; and I really love mine. In this transition period, I've decided to eliminate as many plastic items from my kitchen as possible; after the cutting boards, I moved onto cooking utensils and have a mini obsession with wooden ones. 

spoon, wood, burned, the blonde moose, fixer upper, wooden spoon, sugar and succulents

Specifically, I fell in love with the adorable hand burned designs from The Blonde Moose. She create the most gorgeous freehand drawings and hand-lettered sayings; making these wooden spoons and spatulas not only practical but also very beautiful. 

Why you should be cooking with wooden utensils:

  • Comfort: Wooden spoons are light and smooth. Overtime, they will wear in the spots you hold most frequently, adding to that comfort.  If a spoon feels good in your hand, you’ll feel comfortable using it. Fact: if you feel comfortable using it, you’ll use it more often.
  • Gentle: Wooden spoons, with their smooth and gentle curves are much less likely to bruise, crush or tear your ingredients as you stir. They also won't scratch your pots, pants, or non-stick surfaces. This is really important to me, because I absolutely love my copper cookware and I'd like to keep it in great condition for as long as I can!
  • Temperature: Another reason that wooden spoons are superior to metal spoons is that wooden spoons aren’t conductive. That means if you leave your spoon in a hot sauce for a long time, the wooden handle will still stay cool. They are also insulated so they won't take the heat from the dish, which is really important when making foods with sensitivity to temperature changes. 
  • Non-reactive: Some acidic ingredients will actually react to a metal spoon (ever wonder why most tomato sauce recipes suggest a wooden one?) The metal and acid mixture can leave a metallic taste or change the color of the food. Yuck! This chemical change won't occur with wooden spoons.

sugar and succulents, sugar & succulents, 12 days of christmas, fixer upper

Caring for Your Wooden Spoons

Caring for your utensils is similar to caring for your cutting boards. I personally make sure to deep clean and condition them all at the same time, it's easier and less work that way. 

You want to make sure you wash your wooden spoons by hand directly after use with warm soapy water. Then dry them right with a hand towel. Don’t leave your wooden spoons to air dry as they could warp, or the moisture could absorb into the wood resulting in cracks over time. Never put them in the dish washer. The extreme heat can dry out the wood so it will eventually crack. Once a month or so, rub in a little mineral oil to nourish the wood and keep the utensils in good condition.

spoon, wood, burned, the blonde moose, fixer upper, wooden spoon, sugar and succulents

Emily, the designer and owner of The Blonde Moose is giving away one of her gorgeous holiday spoons for the 12 Days of Christmas giveaway! 

Be sure to follow her on instagram!! @theblondemooseca


  • Amy C.

    I just love these spoons!

  • Tara H

    I’ve been using more wooden utensils lately, but I learned some things in this post that I didn’t know about caring for them. Thanks!
    I’ve been admiring The Blonde Moose’s work for several weeks on Instagram. How do I enter to win?

  • Audra @Renewed Projects

    Such cute spoons!

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